She got it right

Heads up Hollywood.   I know entertainment is the number one US export.  Heck, it’s probably the number one US product, at home or abroad.  I know you bean counters and marketers out there think the main market for your products are young men.  Young men, then young people in general.  I also know from friends who work in “the industry” that there is crazy age bias when anyone is hired (and most productions are one shot companies that get dissolved after filming is done- so most people are “independent contractors” who must hunt for work constantly).  But wait a sec- how do you think all those young people get their discretionary income?  They are the most underemployed group outside of Hollywood.  Who do you think handles family finances?  Who do you think gives those kids their cash?  You got it.  The moms.

And how do you think any sort of expertise is gained?  Time doing a job, and doing it well.  So throwing out all the workers over 35 is a bad idea folks, no matter what the “hot” young marketing kids say.  Remember that when you want a sandwich on set, a light hung, or a box moved, or a scene shot, or actors controlled (who has more experience at handling pouty, ill tempered children than moms?).

Heads up Hollywood- grazing off the fast profits of a formula CGI spectacle is not the only way to make money.  Just ask the Cohen Brothers, or the Weinsteins.

I say this as I watch a clip  (  from the Jimmy Fallon show.  Which, I admit, I like best of all the late night talk shows.  He is just so earnest, and funny in a way that does not insult me.  And yes, he is young- but he admits it and moves on.

The clip has Amy Sedaris (who has a middle aged woman sideways feminist vibe that most moms can appreciate) pimping out a pair of leggings.  When you watch it, be sure to watch the reactions of all the young men on stage.  There is an embarrassed awkwardness, and in the faces of the band members I saw “Damn!  That is so wrong!  She reminds me of my mom!”.  But the women in the audience were howling.

There is a lot of comedic and dramatic ground Hollywood has not mined related to us middle-aged people.  Especially women.  I chalk it up to stupidity, ignorance, and that unease young people have with identifying with or thinking about people their parents age being fully alive human beings and all that entails.  Get with the program ‘wood.  You want to be fresh?  You want to make money?  Get us the products.  We’ll bite.  But because we ARE older, our standards are a little higher- we expect better than Hallmark channel formula dreck, and humor that is incisive, rude, and complex as we are.  Or can be anyway.  You get my point.

Now take this advice and move on.   I have to get my weekenders on and groove while I clean house.