No sunglasses required

My eyes have always hurt in bright light.  But for the last several days, I did not have to open my sunglasses case.  The air went deep into my lungs, and the family and I felt as if we had found  some place we could call home.  The scary part is in this economy we will need to find jobs before we can consider a move any further.  But when we do, we have family here that love us and will help us resettle, my aging father along with us.  That is a profoundly graceful thing.

We have several more days in the area, the rest of them spent in the near-by urban center.  But we have little doubt that we would fit in here culturally, and we could raise our children here in the way we want to.  Where we are now, we have felt like we have done nothing but slowly dying- trying our best to fit in, make friends- and getting nothing back but persistent head bruises from all the walls we have run up against.  It’s been 11 years.  I think we know it’s never going to happen where we are.  So the process of resettling begins.  We know where, now we work on how.  Wish us luck.  Life is an adventure!

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