Another place

Husband and I are considering the big move.  It would utterly change everything about our current lives.  It would test our ability to adapt.  Is the phrase “life does not present you with anything you can’t handle” true?  The front-loading of information is enormous.  The paperwork overwhelming.  The risks scary.  But the alternative is to stay here, keep current jobs, and choose to wear blinders to some things and hope others will get better- and drown in our feelings of mediocrity and powerlessness.  There are so many things to consider, such as the impact a trans-national move would have on our kids.  We would have to eat all the money we have put into this house; or rather, we would have to not eat as we might like for a long time because we will not get a penny out of the house that we have put into it.  We bought a good house at a bad time, and did not get a crazy mortgage- a fixed rate even.   The sweat equity has been enormous, the materials and contractors for specific things expensive.  If we remain, it is a good house we will stay in.  But if we leave, we will lose a huge amount of money.  The schools are better, the health care better over there.  It is significantly safer in multiple ways.  It is somewhat isolated, but with all the usual things we like.  We would not get to see family very often.  We would have to create an entirely new family, so to speak.  A new community.  We would have to learn a new culture.  We would have to adapt in so many ways.  It will take at least 3 years to prepare.  But as Husband has said, it could be the adventure of our lives.  “I don’t want to die without ever trying something different, having that chance”, he said.  I am still torn, but starting my homework- to get informed.  I wish I knew more people who had made the leap; made the leap with children especially.We can only live our lives, and do the best we can.  If that means becoming immigrants, then that’s what it means for us. For now, I’ll keep reading and talking and learning.  Life goes forward.

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